• Keeping track of hookups on a notepad stashed away in a drawer is so old-fashioned. With S.A.C. you can keep track of all your naughty deeds on a password-protected calendar

  • So, for those of us who have to continue kissing frogs for a while longer before we meet Prince Charming (sorry, guys!), let’s make sure we keep it all in the S.A.C.!

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  • Rarely does an app cover sexual health. This is a world first.

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Storing Your Information In The S.A.C. App Could Save Your Life In An Emergency!

With The S.A.C. App you will never forget who you slept with, what medications you may have taken, emergency contacts, or your insurance card information again! Why you may ask? Well the answers are in the S.A.C. App which is designed to store all of this information securely, and it’s available to download on to your smart phone, and honestly, who doesn’t have their smart phone with them?

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Keep it in the S.A.C.

The SAC app is a convenient way for you to keep track on a day by day calendar of what you may have done last night. Just add your sexual activity and BOOM it’s recorded right there in your phone. Don’t worry about snooping… This app is password protected by you & only you. Once you stop using the app you are immediately signed out preventing unwanted users from accessing your account.
Have you ever had a CrAzY night out and everything seemed just a bit fuzzy? Did you make our with someone, go home with someone and just hit a few bases. Keep a list of what happened when on your iPhone now. iTunes Download
The SAC app is a convenient way for you to keep track on a day by day calendar of the craziness we call life. You can add all of your medications, allergies , immunizations and even take a picture of your insurance card to have right in your phone. Google Play Download